Dating an older man daddy issues

If you're happy AND you're not making others unhappy, carry on.

If you're 'the other woman' get out now, for your own sake. The imbalance of power has everything to do with it and you both slipping into 'child' and 'parent' roles has everything to do with it - unless you are a person who likes to be completely controlled.

He is completely grey and looks about 55 and I on the other hand could still pass for a 17 year old. It sounds like an uneven relationship but you say it sounds worse than it is.

But that’s not true, and daddy issues are much more common than people want to admit.

For the last 7 months I have been seeing a 50 year old man. We are not in an actual relationship and no one knows about it except for a few close friends.

I almost feel ashamed because he is not a young 50 either .

They can treat you like both a child and a lover, taking care of you but also desiring you.

Unfortunately, just because a man is older doesn’t mean he’s more mature, and you might be drawn to an older man who is just like your father – in a bad way.

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