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All my life the idea of people who didnt drink was mocked by every adult I knew, wine and beer where the ultimate joy, the greatest thing in the world, the only way any one could have fun. My inner dialogue still equates everything considered fun relaxing or celebratory to alcohol.The only time I ever saw my miserable parents happy was when they where drunk.When I got older everything I did for fun revolved around alcohol.I’ve personally been a member since the subreddit had about 12,000 people back in 2014. My family, living on the other coast, had no idea just how bad my drinking had gotten.I’ve seen a lot of change around here, and it’s freaking incredible to see so many people getting and staying sober through Reddit of all places. I was alone, as I had been for at least a year, and, in the light of sobriety, finally had to face just how much I had ruined my own life.

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