Dating a recovered alcoholic man

We cannot control it, we did not cause it and we cannot cure it."Getting Them Sober" is the best book I have ever read for me. As tender as I was, that book is easy to read and every bit of it opened my eyes big time. It is very tempting for us (as women) to romantacize about "forever" - i too fell into this trap a lot.

As long as we are focused on tomorrow, we arent really living in today.

I am going to insert between paragraphs on your my experience, strength and hope...can use what you like and leave the rest....for me in bluecountrygirl84 wrote: I'm not really sure where to start in here.

I am a very non-addictive person - never smoked and rarely drink and do not have any kind of struggles like that so I guess I didn't really know what I was getting myself he is brand new in recovery----RED FLAG.....people say that unless they have been in intensive recovery to get over the drinking AND the "ism" personality traits, they gotta be in recovery for , my sponsor said, 2years at least....anything other than that??? Soon into him moving in, we starting fighting a lot and my temper flared and suddenly he is blaming me for problems I didn't even know or think that I had and now he has walked out of my life because he says I am too unstable and need help and he doesn't want to be around me and I just don't know what to moved in???

I know that only alcoholics can help another alcoholic to understand but I am just at a loss and do not know what to do or what to feel. I am 25 and a single mom and I have a great job and bought my own house and prior to meeting my A my life was great and now I feel like i am in absolute pieces and I just am looking for guidance. i know...there..that...many times have i had to start over b/c of alkies???

Love is not is a compiliation of HAPPY memories and LASTING good experiences w/ attraction or real love????? being sad, emotionally abused, abandoned b/c "you are unstable"???? I am in aca for LIFE b/c my non drinking mom became and alkie b/c of the horrible abuse her "party animal" child molesting husband TURNED her crazy first...drunk second...... now i have my own home, paid for.....small consulting business......doing OK, b/c I am taking care of me and staying AWAY from toxic a CHOICE...being given a 2nd chance to take care of you by his walking away.....somebody "up there" is trying to help you..protect you.....

I pray you don't let it get destroyed at such a young age... Cry my tears, experience the grief and learn the lesson it offered that you deserve better and that there are screwed up people out shows me you are a loving, caring a hard lesson, but be thankful he did not do worse.....please take what you can use from this and dump the rest.....

I want him back and I know that is selfish but here I had thought I found the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with and now he is gone and I can't even figure out where it happened.

His moods switched from good to bad so fast that I barely had the chance to keep up. I think you partially answered your own question, when you said he only has six months of sobriety under his belt....

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