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The three women set up the page as a bit of fun, after being shocked by some of the misconceptions about farms held by people from cities.

Carol spoke to the Irish Examiner about the page: “I actually convinced a Dublin girl that there was no electricity in my house and we had to milk the cow every morning to have milk for breakfast cereal.” However, Carol admitted that she wouldn’t personally want to marry a farmer because they work too hard, but Rachel is “only dying to catch one”.

And let’s be honest, if this were the case, they’re probably not pleasant to be around, anyways.

There is nothing worse than saying, “I don’t know where that is,” or asking for directions to a field while they are multi-tasking in the tractor or combine.

It also invites eligible bachelors to get in touch and promote themselves online.

Alternatively, family and friends can nominate someone to be the ‘Farmer of the Day’, with involves a picture and a brief summary of his likes and dislikes.

And now, to make things easier, our dating service is available online.

What's more, you don't have to be a farmer to sign up - the Farmer Wants a Wife is for anyone and everyone whose heart is in the country and who would love to meet their soulmate.

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Their page is packed with comical pictures and comments, showing the lighter side of farming life.If you’re making meals for the field, stick with foods that are easy to eat where half of it won’t end up on their lap.If they’re up against the clock, they might not have the time to stop and eat, so plan for food they can eat while driving. I’d also recommend holding off on any sarcastic comments about being “neglected” until later in the year. Emotions are high and time is limited when you’re up against weather.Don’t ask when they’ll be done for the day, because they probably don’t know.Or if they do, plan on an hour later than scheduled. No one wants a hungry farmer who has just worked an entire day on four hours of sleep.

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