Dating a college athlete

“Telling one person led to another and another, eventually leading up to my parents.

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Nothing makes us happier than hearing about Bumble success stories.“I went through high school winning track meets and breaking school records, hoping that it would disguise the fact that I was gay. “Life was good, but there was still a part of myself that felt incomplete and missing.” Justin says the first time he opened up to someone about being attracted to men, he nervously sent a text message to a friend who immediately responded: “Oh, that’s cool”.“It worked on everyone except me.” Justin grew up a few hours away from Brad in Milwaukee and writes that he always felt that there was “something different about me from my male peers, yet I honestly didn’t know what it was.” “I ran track, played football, and even swam for a little bit. “From that moment on, having finally come out to someone in my life, everything in my life improved – all because of telling that one person,” Justin writes.No matter the subject, I was always intrigued and present. I was definitely feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness.We always had something to talk about and we quickly found out that we had so many things in common: our love for Christ, exercise (we were both Division 1 college athletes), desire for adventure, books, movies, the importance of family and friends — even our future ambitions and goals in life lined up. Part of me was trying not to let myself get too hopeful in case it didn’t work out.

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