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Along the way, of course, we (Omerica) sanctioned the country and punished its people by cutting off aid while also trying to deligtimize the government by revoking travel visas, so that no representative of the current administration could appear at the UN.I've gone on about this before, but for now I'm glad our State Department has finally wrapped its collective head around some obvious truths after two months of supporting a would-be strongman in order to align more closely with Hugo Chavez and his acolytes in the region.Update II: Neither Barack Obama's election as the first African American President nor his premie Peace Prize are being cited by Hondurans in exit pols as to why they are excercising their right to vote...jic JUA^-e n^a^- n H^ A TREATISE ON HOMESTEAD AND EXEMPTION BY RUFUS WAPLES, LL.

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Beta Gamma Sigma is the academic honor society for business administration students.There are differences, however, which are not chargeable to the statutes, for which the author is not respon- sible. (of husband, of wife under some circumstances of widow with children, of otlier householder supporting de- pendents. What further I have to say, of an explanatory charac- ter, is relegated to the Introduction. fby leasehold, by freehold jjf/f^'^^IVTaf^ by equitable title. Three facts are Similar statements of the true policy necessary to constitute a homestead : are found in many other cases ; but Fii'st, its actual occupancy as a resi- it is not contended that those which' dence by the family of the house- assume the charity policy are less holder ; second, the intention on his numerous, part to make it a permanent home ; 6 LEADING PRINCIPLES. Or maybe the integrity and character of the Honduran people won the day, by never taking the bait laid all around them by Zelaya and Chavez toward more civil unrest. Update: the NYTimes gives the Obama administration a press release on the whole crisis.Also reports that Panama and Costa Rica are the only OAS members also pledged to recognize today's election.

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