D angelo dating angie stone

Since 1997, he’d accumulated a rap sheet that included charges for assault, drug possession and a litany of traffic offenses that run from speeding to DUI.

If not for this stuff, D’Angelo might have otherwise been allowed to ponder his next move in private.

Further speculation about the recording was reiterated in an e-mail, sent by his former tour manager Alan Leeds, to the press after the accident.

“He needs several weeks home,” Leeds wrote, “and then, once doctors give the high sign, he goes to Nashville to resume working on his next album.” Both men seemed to be using the Nashville spin as damage control. In a late-April phone call, he would not speak on the record. Londell Mc Millan, phoned at his office in New York, was also blowing me off.

H., determined just to set eyes on the guy (and I did). This was the state of things anyway, the day I tried to get D’Angelo on the phone. Was he still in touch with former girlfriend and musical collaborator Angie Stone, with whom he’d reportedly split after she gave birth to his son, Michael Jr., in 1999?

And I can tell you that every woman in the world can let down her hair and take off all her clothes to the Isley Brothers’ “For the Love of You.” OK?

Lou Barber, his friend and one-time choreographer, wasn’t talking; his father, known for being skittish about discussing his famous son, was “on vacation” when Richmond magazine visited his church office.

His cousin Latrice Taylor, located through a service rep at a local car dealership and who promised to pass a note to D’Angelo through her aunt, got nowhere; and D’Angelo’s cousin Marlon — half of his ex-band, the Dirty Soulz, and one of D’Angelo’s first recording partners — could not be found for comment. If D’Angelo really was in Nashville by now, one could assume he was doing what he did best: getting back to basics, cutting tracks on spec which he’d then shop to labels.

Not bad for a preacher’s son who forged his vocal talent singing in church and high school choirs.

That said, he’s the last guy who’d slap down tracks just to pick up a few bucks.

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