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Employing questionnaires of 381 college students, this study examines the reasons why Latinos, Asians, and whites choose to include or exclude blacks as potential dates.First, we find that past structural explanations for low rates of interracial intimacy explain current disparities less among young people today.My love life was something like a blur after that, and I did not get my first boyfriend until my freshman year of high school.My beau was generous, kind, and possessed an infectious smile, but he was not black.Only 10 % of respondents cited a structural explanation, lack of familiarity, or contact, as the reason they excluded blacks as possible dates.Second, the reasons for black exclusion vary across racial–ethnic–gender groups.Almost every black woman I have spoke to regarding this topic have made it clear that they would rather stick to their own race when it came to dating.

Asians and Latinos were more likely to exclude blacks because of social disapproval, and whites were more likely to exclude blacks because of physical attraction.Despite this, there exist other excuses like body image, hair, cultural background and education.Sometimes it is something as simple as, "I've never been approached by a Caucasian/Hispanic/Asian/Indian/Native-American/etc. " black, showed a penalty to black women in their 'Quick Match' scores. Rudder makes the claim that based off the research and insight throughout the past five years shows that racial bias has intensified, and although the data reflects different people year to year, the users are definitely not any more open-minded than what they used to be.I enjoy dabbling in the new and the different, and this especially rings true in my dating life.Growing up, I have always found black men attractive.

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