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This may be common for an analyst or manager working in Become an FP&A Analyst at a corporation.We outline the salary, skills, personality, and training you need for FP&A jobs and a successful finance career.Step 2: Ensure the data is organized in the same way (see example below).Step 3: On the Data ribbons, select Data Tools and then Consolidate.Learn the most important formulas, functions, and shortcuts to become confident in your financial analysis.To summarize and report results from data on separate worksheets, you can consolidate the data from each separate worksheet into one worksheet (or master worksheet).Step 4: Select the method of consolidation (in our example, it’s Sum).Step 5: Select the data, including the labels, and click Add Step 6: Repeat step 5 for each worksheet or workbook that contains the data you need included Step 7: Check boxes “top row”, “left column”, and “create links to data source” (note you don’t have to tick these boxes if you don’t want labels or don’t want live links) and click the OK button.

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In this section, I provide a VBA code which will create a new sheet to collect all sheets of the active workbook while you running it. Activate the workbook you want to combine its all sheets, then press Sub Combine() 'Updateby Extendoffice Dim J As Integer On Error Resume Next Sheets(1). allows an analyst to combine information from multiple workbooks into one place.The Excel consolidate function lets you select data from its various locations and creates a table to summarize the information for you.The worksheets you consolidate can be in the same workbook as the master worksheet or in other workbooks. When you consolidate data in one worksheet, you can easily update and combine it.

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