Conservative guys dating

I describe myself as socially liberal (support gay rights, pro choice etc) and conservative in other aeas (welfare , borders)Started dating a girl and we've gone offical, but she says my conservatism worries her and is the one major obstacle. I'm pretty conservative, and I've dated very liberal women in the past. I think the key to making this work is to respectfully discuss the things you disagree on and understand one another's position.

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Said girl is quite conservative as she describes herself.

She’s never been in a relationship before, and only classifies dates as that between 2 people in an existing relationship (which I understand).

Whatever either of you read into dating emotionally doesn't matter in the end. Since she doesn't sound like much of a chaser the tricky part here is not the escalation but assessing the situation.

Escalate whenever possible but remember that dating her shouldn't appear intensely sexual in nature.

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