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During this period, a total of 285 confirmed cases were reported, the majority of which were from the health zones of Mabalako (30%, n=85), Beni (27%, n=76), Mandima (8%, n=23), Lubero (6%, n=16) and Kalunguta (5%, n=14).

As of 02 July 2019, a total of 2369 EVD cases, including 2275 confirmed and 94 probable cases, were reported (Table 1).

The outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in North Kivu and Ituri provinces, Democratic Republic of the Congo continued with a steady transmission intensity this week.

Indicators demonstrated the early signs of transmission easing in intensity in some major hotspots, such as Butembo and Katwa.

Additional risks are posed by the long duration of the current outbreak, fatigue amongst response staff, and ongoing strain on limited resources.

Conversely, substantive operational readiness and preparedness activities in a number of neighbouring countries have likely increased capacity to rapidly detect cases and mitigate local spread. WHO advises against any restriction of travel to, and trade with, the Democratic Republic of the Congo based on the currently available information.

Cases continue to rise among health workers, with the cumulative number infected rising to 130 (6% of total cases).

No new EVD cases or deaths have been reported in the Republic of Uganda since the previous EVD Disease Outbreak News publication on 13 June 2019.

In South Sudan, WHO and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) convened a joint meeting with implementing partners on 2 July to plan and coordinate field missions.

To help strengthen the country’s economy, the IMF has just approved financial assistance for the country under its Extended Credit Facility (ECF).

République démocratique du Congo : information sur les convocations délivrées par l'Agence nationale de renseignements (ANR) à Kinshasa, y compris les renseignements qui figurent sur ces convocations, la fonction et le grade de l'autorité qui les délivre, les circonstances dans lesquelles elles sont délivrées et le délai entre la date de leur envoi et celle de leur réception; information indiquant si elles sont délivrées directement à la personne concernée ou si elles peuvent l'être par l'intermédiaire d'une tierce personne (2006-novembre 2013) Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Democratic Republic of Congo: the notices to appear issued by the National Intelligence Agency (Agence nationale de renseignements, ANR) in Kinshasa, including the information indicated on them, the office and rank of the issuing authority, the circumstances in which they are issued and the time between the date they are issued and the date they are received; whether they are delivered directly to the person concerned or whether they may be delivered through a third party (2006-November 2013), 20 December 2013, COD104668. The address of the person summoned (ibid.; ACAJ 18 Nov. The address where the person must appear (DRC 10 Dec. The date and time when the person must appear may be indicated electronically (ibid.). The designation "prepared in," followed by the city in which the notice to appear was issued (ACAJ 11 Dec. 2013), and the date when the notice to appear was issued, may be indicated in handwriting or by date stamp (ibid.). Similarly, the President of the ACAJ also stated that the authorities who [translation] "often" issue the notices to appear are the chief administrator and the general administrator, but he also added that the notices to appear may also be issued by a provincial director (simply called "director" [ACAJ 11 Dec. He explained that the ANR is subdivided by provinces and districts, and that notices to appear may also be produced at those various levels as well (ibid.). "Au Katanga, trois acteurs de la société civile partent en exil." [Accessed 2 Dec. 2013] Additional Sources Consulted Oral sources, including: The representatives of the following organizations were unable to provide information for this Response: Institut Vie et Paix; Interpol; Ligue des électeurs; National Democratic Institute; Democratic Republic of the Congo - ministère du Plan et Suivi de la mise en oeuvre de la révolution de la modernité.

WHO continuously monitors changes to the epidemiological situation and context of the outbreak to ensure that support to the response is adapted to the evolving circumstances.

The last assessment concluded that the national and regional risk levels remain very high, while global risk levels remain low.

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