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Apart from the Community Chest of Korea, Moon has also given several hundred millions of won to scholarship foundations.

Because of her charitable activities, particularly for the Community Chest of Korea, Moon was selected among 100 people that "lit up the world" in 2008 in a survey conducted by the Korea Green Foundation.

She gave ₩4.3 million in 2005, ₩4 million in 2006 and ₩70 million in 2007.

Moon made the contributions secretly through her mother, Ryu Seon-young, but her good deeds became known when Morning Reading revealed its 2007 account information online.

Moon has been donating books with her own money since 2006, when she saw during a visit to her relatives in Australia how young Korean students there did not have enough books or places to learn Korean.

In April 2009, Moon donated the Haenam Children's Center to be used as a study room for poor students to the NGO group Good People, an international charity group of UN UCOSCO special consultative status aiming to improve self-sustainability and eradicate extreme poverty through restoration of self-esteem using the principles of human dignity and equality at a global level.

Affectionately called the "Nation's Little Sister," Moon began modeling at the age of 10, then made her acting debut in 1999 as a child actress.

She first rose to stardom through her role as the young Eun-suh in the hugely popular television drama series Autumn in My Heart (2000), followed by a well-received turn in Kim Jee-woon's critically acclaimed horror film A Tale of Two Sisters (2003).

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Their chemistry is oozing they give my butterflies since episode 1??? and Chukhahaeyo it's fascinating knowing Yoon eun hye have played a drama with her former variety show "xman" member, Park Yoo Chun and now she gonna have new drama with another former member/guest in Xman, with Chun Jung Myung. I want to see you acting in romantic comedy drama again with moon chae woon eonie in the next project. Chun Jung-Myung: You're so believable in your role in Master: God of Noodles. Overall, I just want to thank you for not only entertaing me, but also others who enjoy your work. Those who hate him i think are those who like the very pretty Korean guys..have to look perfect all the time at every angle and in acting, they are afraid to look ugly to the point that they all look fake and gay..dress up, trying to look manly but fails..least that's how i see them...that's why i dislike most korean actors and singers...there are only a few that i like..just after watching cinderella's sister, i fell in love with CJM. He look so simple and cute that anything he wears or any look he tries he looks good on it. Hi' hello' I love Chun Jung Myung oppa' his a very good actor since i saw him in Foxy Lady, he's very natural and not fake. I really loved your smile,even when your only talking you seemed smiling all the time,hmmm...... Your such a charming man,you look younger than your age... i just cant help myself -- haha i really really love you !

It's a classic movie and having CJM in it, made it even better. He's so manly, handsome and very cute without trying. Our pie got some weight.some weight, don't look good, there's less potential to get casted and I won't be able to see you on screen which will make me very upset................ Lol..haters seem to be the guys he trained in army.that's why they want to see him get punched.don't talk him like that.. I become a fan from the smile he has in Cinderella sister and ever since I become the biggest No 1 fan..

His smile, childish giggle and the way he carries himself. He is a very great actor not to mention his cuteness..... I dislike this actor so much, not for his acting but the stupid looks he has.

i feel sorry that I have known Chun Jung Myung only now...after watching Fluttering Warning with Yoon Eun Hye. So far so good=) i love him since i watch him in FOXY LADY....smiling face and eyes will made many girls and ahjummas fainting....hahaha. i'm now watching his latest drama MAN OF HONOR......

I really like his face, masculine yet so handsome, he is great in acting yet so humble. I feel sorry just realized that there is an great actor like Chun Jung Myung .. Bannzaaaaiiii Good luck in your next project and i’ll be waiting ? I hope they’ll have another romcom since they are good together. definitely enjoyed your acting in "reset", especially when you start to stare intensely at the criminal and click your pen repeatedly to hypnotise that person. station ( by the way, I am from the United States, New York City). I was so touched by the drama, I watched it again ( which is something I rarely do ). you are one of the best korean actor you can play everything the sound of your voice is very sensual you seems to look 'normal' but a the same time very charismatic cause you look very innocent miss you so much so come back please we love you we hope to see you soon in new drama Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cj u chun jung myung is very cute when he smile..i love the tandem of chun jung and moon geung.look so nice together..i wish that the two will have many project to come..: D love all the characters of cinderella's sister.. I couldnt stop watching ur latest drama, and hoped it would get over soon. I just finished watching the last episode this afternoon and still cant get over it.

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