Christian agnostic dating

If she's religious and it's important to her that you be too, that's worth knowing up front because it's not going to be less important to her later.

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Even if they weren't actively practicing, I still don't know if I could do it. I finally brought it up and she actually didn't seem to mind.

I was upfront and honest about it before our marriage.

If someone lies to themselves about reality, it doesn't take much to lie you. I think you should talk to her about this as soon as possible.

It could wind up being a greater commitment on your part (going to church, praying over meals, etc). My last wife (yes, there was more than one) was a devout, albeit a hypocritical Christian. But she knew I wasn't a "true" christian, and all was good...until it wasn't.

Trust me, get it out in the open, don't give her any expectations that you are flexible, and then still be weary. But do you If your goal in life is to partner up and have children I would think long and hard about these very big differences before your hormones are muddying realities.

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