Cheats for moonlight dating sim 2

6) The Chinese character on the board is love 7) Liam’s riddle answers: repeat after me cornerstone down Have fun!

*Edited by Karauememti* there is two cheats that i know for jenna moonlight dating sim 2 The super cheat is: pokerface which gives u 50050 hp,10100 money and it gets u to the last day.The Blood Prince is the son of Fantom and Ari from Love Dating Sim 1, taken away from the lovers by the Jealous Blood Pond Craven.Those with Vampric blood are not affected by the fumes from the Pond. And those with witch blood like Jenna mixed with Vampric blood are very powerful-- you as Jenna can choose to destroy the world or save it... Stay tuned for more/new/ and better Dating sims for 2008 from Bomee of!!It's a year after Jenna Moonlight defeated the Blood Prince. I did the spell that requires the 10 fangs (twice) , I went to 6 dates with him, I had more than 1000 relationship points,we trained, I gave him presents but I still don't know how I can get that ending. I tried googling but I couldn't find something useful.

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