(Read the full review) I have been a member of Ipernity since (almost) day 1; I also had an account with Yahoo's Flickr, Panoramio, 1px, and many others before the whole internet madness for photo-sharing etc took off. (Read the full review) Nothing to say: the functionalities of this site are original and rich, they allow a friendly and in-depth exchange with the community through thematic groups, articles, privileged links etc.


Advanced privacy options in the chat room software allow you to customize your experience, blocking content such as private messages from people that don't interest you.

Uploading and sharing images are so simple and easy to do it.

Just follow these following steps that explained with images, Choose the right image you want to share in our chat room đŸ™‚ Select the image based on your OS function ( windows, linux or mac ) That’s all you have to do Now your image will be displayed in our chat room.

We have all the hottest Snapchat pictures you can find on the internet!

All chatters can share images/photos in our public chat rooms and private chat room without any limitation.

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