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Compromise 1 renders a primary chat app unacceptable for many people, but it is the secure, correct answer for any app with FS. Even if you have a PGP key on your Keybase profile, these messages are only encrypted with your Keybase device paper keys.

How Keybase solves this problem: Most important, there's an API interface, which takes JSON as stdin and pipes JSON to stdout. If you have the latest Keybase installed, please say hi. People aren't so great at managing and moving PGP private keys around, so PGP keys are not included in our chat or filesystem. The basic idea here is that non-technical people won't get confused and do something irresponsible.

More advanced blocking / reporting / nuking features will be available in an upcoming release. Like with most chat apps, the Keybase servers will see who you're looking up.

Here in the office, we wrote a simple bot that the team can send math questions to. I've You can think of a PGP key as another part of a user's identity, and therefore one of the assertions you can make, like a Twitter address.If you’re experiencing problems with chat, the Xbox Live service may be down.Check for service alerts at Xbox Live Status or see if there's an Xbox Live service alert at the top of this page.To do so, see Using the audio tuner on your Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor.For more information on using voice commands with Kinect, see Kinect voice commands.

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