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“To the School of Arts’ committee and members, architects Clarke Keller and the design team, well done! “My father, a longstanding committee member of the School of Arts, would have been most proud.” The new Centre is slated for community land next to the historic Kinema, taking over what is now So ART Gallery.

The place includes studio/workshops/meeting rooms and a large exhibition gallery with highway frontage.

This saves a lot of output when you don't want to use -p.

Hi, First of all, I want to congratulate you on your excellent work with this plugin!

However, I can't seem to reach the owner by email at [email protected] get a "550 5.2.1 This mailbox has been blocked due to inactivity" error message. In the shell all works fine,but i can't show it in the WEB-GUI(Of course before that I added the plugin to the and reload the nagios service.) Whats is the problem here? Check CPU is presenting problem, does anyone know what they have to modify the script?

A perl plugin using Sys:: Statistics:: Linux Thanks to Jonny Schulz, the author of Sys:: Statistics:: Linux, for his great work ( !

- the plugin itself does not mention that the -I option needs 2 -w and -c variables.

and I have a small request as well; on virtual machines using lvm you often have a lot of 'disks' attached but most of them are loopback and virtual devices, if you add an option no-fake-disks-for-me-no-sirree (or a shortcut for that), you could loop through the devices in /sys/block/ and use readlink to remove the virtual devices from the list.

The plans can also be viewed online at the School of Arts website.

Once the Development Application is approved, the School of Arts will seek funding from far and wide including from the Australian and NSW Governments.

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