Cat rescue dating

She was the first cat I had cared for since I was a kid, she slept on my bed at night, watched me edit big cat videos on the computer and was ALWAYS ready to snuggle at the end of the day!

My fondest memories of Cali were my lazy Sundays, I used to work 6 days a week at BCR, so on Sundays after cleaning, doing laundry and all that other boring stuff, I’d crash on the couch to watch a movie and drink some tea and Cali was always there to chill with me.

As well as space for animals to be rehomed, SPCA’s Wellington Centre, known as the Margaret Doucas Animal Hospital has a full veterinary hospital providing care for the animals in the community as well as those in SPCA care.

With a focus on community engagement and proactive solutions to animal needs, there is also the opportunity to hire areas of the Centre for functions and events.

I felt bad that Jack was only getting attention during the day now, so a longtime volunteer decided to adopt him and he went to live at her house with a few other cats and a GIANT screened in pool area, the purrfect retirement!

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I’ve always been an animal guy, as a kid I grew up with cats, dogs, fish, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits and my younger brother even had a pet tarantula!The main coat of the cat is light, and the facial area mask and extremities are dark. Other colors include chocolate, blue and lilac seal points.Sometimes cinnamon, fawn and cream have been recognized.Siamese cats were exported and quickly became popular in various countries.The breed was first seen in Europe in 1871 at a cat show in London, and it later appeared in the United States in 1879 as a gift to the wife of President Hayes.

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