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The citation I had earlier sourced for the g Thomas was a carbon dating citation on the binding of the spine of the book, which returned 350 CE.

I am not certain it was independent of the Nag Hammadi find, or part of it.

However, I did not take years to figure out that it was completely false.

I didn’t find out by looking at the internal inconsistency, although there is one, in some forms of the myth, i.e., the ones that hew closely to the supposed citation in Fox’s book.

As the unity between the four Gospels is seen when they are read together, as they have been since the Diatessaron of 160 CE, and later as the opening of the New Testament of the Vulgate Catholic Bible of 405 CE, it is of value to note some of the ways in which the four Gospel accounts differ from each other, as detailed in the following comparative chart.

In scholarship, there are some things that are known to be true, some things that are known to be false, some things that are simply unknown (whether true or false), and some matters of opinion and speculation that are keenly debated. The earliest instance of it in any form, which I personally can find, dates from 2001 and is found on Usenet, where it was immediately called into question by another poster, Roger Pearse. Brown by mentioning the “Nag Hammadi finds.” Nothing more specific than “after the Council of Nicaean (325 CE)” is said here. Later the same day, this claim is repeated, along with signs that the carbon dating of the Gospel of Judas manuscript (which is a historical fact) has been influencing the legend’s memory regarding the Nag Hammadi Library and leading the first tradents of the legend to assign a C-14 result to Nag Hammadi similarly (June 15, 2006): I have already (perhaps elsewhere) posted that I am aware of only two valid carbon dated results in respect of NT manuscripts: 1) Nag Hammadi – dated by the bindings to c.360 CE (and I dont have any error bars for this one).

There was some pushback at first, but apparently the repetition of the legend, along with increasing amounts of detail and certainty expressed, helped the myth to survive so long.

For a moment, I almost believed it, in the conversations taking place on the Biblical Criticism & History forum.

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All their supposed problems would be cast into a new light if they momentarily considered the texts of the NHC and the so-called “Christian Gnostics” as Post Nicene authors who are reacting to the political nature of the Constantine Bible. Brown on the subject, it remains part of the erroneous website presentation, as of March 2015. Most sources regarding the Nag Hammadi Library, especially those not directly involving P. It is not currently present in Wikipedia, for example. This includes searches of Jstor, Google Books, Google Scholar, and my own Biblical Criticism & History custom search engine, using a variety of terms along with “Nag Hammadi” such as “C-14,” “C14,” “carbon,” “radiocarbon,” “radiometric,” etc.Adding any other factors into consideration in dating this codex (other than these dated papyri) would add yet more complexity.But this is just the date for Codex VII specifically, not for all the Nag Hammadi codices, which must not be simply assumed to have been produced in the very same year or even the very same decade. The book itself provides a discussion of all four fragments found in the covers of Codex VII (pp. Nobody knows what the future might hold, of course.By mid-2007, the dating had shifted back again to “350 CE,” while still retaining all the accumulated legendary details regarding the supposed “citation” and its specific reference to the “binding” of the “gospel of Thomas” text (June 26, 2007): By my research to date however, there appears to be only two actual carbon dating citations with respect to the new testament texts.These appear to be the following: 1) Binding on the text – gospel of Thomas (to 350 CE) 2) Binding on the recent gospel Judas (to 280 CE /- 60 years) I am interested to determine whether there are any other carbon dating citations to new testament texts other than the above two. and finally has a citation to support his belief in the existence of a citation, which supports his belief in a C-14 dating of a codex of the Nag Hammadi Library, a belief which was held already as early as June/July of 2006, prior to reading this book.

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