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Director John Fricker suddenly adopts a very static style of staging that mainly consists of couples sitting at tables. What’s more, the play’s presentation of dating is too traditional to bring anything new to a discussion of love in the 21 century.Notably, homosexuality only appears in the last scene, and is posited as an obstacle to successful dating.Without any true depth of character or subtext, the piece becomes a succession of scenes that hovers between play and comedy night.

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Off West - Browse our theatre list below for what's on: Off West is a United Kingdom (UK) based company serving the international, the UK and London based theatres and theatre goers.Each personality is so vivid as to become instantly recognisable, and to create anticipation for the next encounter.All in all, with its uneven directing, simplistic characters and outdated representation of dating, Carbon Dating never fulfils its true potential, but its cast still succeeds in showing their audience a good time.If you loved the 2009 film, He’s Just Not That Into You or other similar romantic-comedies, Out Fox Productions and the Brockley Jack are currently running the production for you.Carbon Dating is an abbreviated adventure through a series of first-dates gone wrong that ranges from awkward to adorable.

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