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- Micah Carpenter 2/19/17 - Unsung Heroes - Pastor Jerry Johnson 2/12/17 - Watch and Pray - Pastor Jerry Johnson 2/5/17 - Be Strong and Stand Firm - Pastor Jerry Johnson 1/29/17 - Passing the Mantle - Dr.The jazz communion during Labor Day weekend is an annual tradition at First Presbyterian Church of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. Bill Carter is a professional jazz musician who performs with his band, Presbybop. As the man known for both his sermons and his music begins to play, members of his congregation tap their feet, clap their hands and snap their fingers. At First Presbyterian Church of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, jazz music empowers.He started to think about church leadership through the lens of a musician. “That can be used for good or can be used for destruction.” He writes his own spiritual jazz and rewrites the music to traditional hymns.As he began to play jazz in church, he realized how much the music was reaching people. " - Pastor Jerry Johnson 03/10/19 - "The Road Ahead" - Pastor Albin Sterneman 03/03/19 - "A Simple Yes or No" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 02/24/19 - "Being Faithful to Our Spouse" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 02/17/19 - "From Porn to Purity" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 02/10/19 - "Reconciliation" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 02/03/19 - "How the Bible Fits Together" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 01/27/19 - "Salt and Light to the Glory of God" - Pastor Eric Nygren 01/20/19 - "Way to Be" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 01/06/19 - "The Lord’s Supper" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 12/30/18 - "Together" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 12/23/18 - "Peace on Earth" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 12/16/18 - "Emmanuel" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 12/09/18 - "Incarnation" - Pastor Jerry Johnson [audio not available] 12/02/18 - "Who Is Worthy?" - Pastor Fred Martin 11/25/18 - "Won't You Be My Neighbor" - Pastor Eric Nygren 11/18/18 - "Pray to the Lord of the Harvest" - José de Dios 11/11/18 - "Hope for Troubled Hearts" - Kevin Kompelien, EFCA President 11/04/18 - "Global Communion" - Pastor Jerry Johnson [audio not available] 10/28/18 - "What Is God Waiting For?It was music like the church had never experienced. “When the thing was over, everyone asked if we could do it again.” Within a year, Carter, together with the music professor who had given him his independent study, formed the group Presbybop Quartet.With Carter as pianist and his professor Al Hamme as saxophonist, along with a bassist and a drummer, the group explored the link between jazz and faith.

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“The arts can touch or even heal some of us,” Carter, 54, said. A jazz approach is going to say there is always more here than what is on the page, and maybe we haven’t found it yet.” Like many churches, First Presbyterian has rich music offerings.But more than that, he found that the communal form of jazz can lead to the sharing of passions and pain.An artist creates a sculpture alone; a painter uses a brush in isolation.But jazz forms a community, where the Spirit’s presence can be felt, he said.The “honest music” of jazz is made for the beauty of God.

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