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In this post I am going do bulk import using BULK INSERT and MERGE statements.

Customer.query('Customer ID').value('.', 'nchar(5)'), X. Customer.query('Company Name').value('.', 'nvarchar(40)'), X. Customer.query('Contact Name').value('.', 'nvarchar(30)'), X. Customer.query('Contact Title').value('.', 'nvarchar(30)'), X. Customer.query('Address').value('.', 'nvarchar(60)'), X. Customer.query('City').value('.', 'nvarchar(15)'), X. Customer.query('Region').value('.', 'nvarchar(15)'), X. Customer.query('Postal Code').value('.', 'nvarchar(10)'), X. Customer.query('Country').value('.', 'nvarchar(15)'), X. Customer.query('Phone').value('.', 'nvarchar(24)'), X. Customer.query('Fax').value('.', 'nvarchar(24)') FROM (SELECT CAST(x AS XML) FROM OPENROWSET(BULK 'D:\Import Data\XMLData1.xml', SINGLE_BLOB) AS T(x) ) AS T(x) CROSS APPLY x.nodes('Customers/Customer') AS X(Customer); -- Selecting the records from temproary table. -- SELECT * FROM #Customers; -- By using MERGE statement, inserting the record if not present and updating if exist. Contact Title, Source Table.[Address], Source Table.

It can contain any number which is not the existing record id would be fine.

So, there is no need to include exact id in the csv file.

Implementation for XML data: Let us take the same example and explore using XML file as input.

Fax; SELECT * FROM Customers; ENDNote: I keeping the Customer file under D:\Blog\Import Data\ path and mentioned the same in the store procedure.

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