Bronson pinchot who is he dating

That's something someone as rich as Barbra Streisand can do (and even so she gets publicly mocked for her eccentricity in doing so), but Bronson Pinchot is not and has never been as rich as Streisand.finds Bronson and his crew of local contractors renovating another room at one of his properties in Harford, Pa.His "cousin" on the series, Mark Linn Baker comes from money, or so Pinchot said (I'm not sure that's true).

My hairdresser lives in the same town as him and says he has just been saying and doing weird things constantly since he arrived.

If he did talk to you it was about one of the houses he had bought and was restoring.

A number of us did wonder how he was affording this, since he did allow once that he hadn't earned all that much from the series.

Bronson Pinchot is a hands-on renovator with the skills of a contractor and the eye of a top designer.

Rural Harford becomes the backdrop for a unique mix of reality TV and home improvement.

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