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The objective of the campaign was to encourage the use of contraceptives before having sexual intercourse.Bristol managed to lose a generous amount of weight.), finally both parties came to an agreement and everything appeared to be settled. Now notice that there was still no attack on Bristol in those posts and articles.Note that I said, "appeared to be settled." It was around then that some misleading stories were leaked to the press saying that Levi owed over ,000 in child support. However they resulted in this: Life & Style Weekly has exclusively learned that Levi Johnston, the father of Bristol Palin’s son Tripp, 7, has been actively trying to have a fling with her.

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Ultimately that led Levi to my door, and what happened next I detailed in this post.After all he was around during the filming of that reality show when we all saw Tripp at his absolute worst and clearly in need of a parent with some parenting skills. By the way Gino, if you read this and it upsets you, which I am sure it might, just know that if you contact me at [email protected] I can get you so much money that you can wipe away your tears with a handful of hundred dollar bills.Oh and if you are willing to talk about your ex-girlfriend Heather, and how the Palins helped you with your "problem," that can instead be TWO fistfuls of hundred dollar bills with which you can wipe those tears. So folks at this point you are probably thinking, "Well Gryphen finally delivered the goods and now he has nothing more to share and will go back to strictly writing about politics." Not so fast there buckaroos, we are just getting started.“He’s been texting Bristol, asking her to hook up again. So I made a deal, once I revealed our friendship I would not post anything directed at Bristol specifically, and focus instead on the bigger story about his time with the Palin family and what he saw, IF Bristol did not go after either me, him, or Sunny directly.He actually wrote, ‘Come cuddle me,’ and ‘Come lay that sexy a-- down right up tight next to me and watch a movie with me,” a source reveals. I can't say that either he nor Sunny agreed to that, but then again it was not up for discussion.

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