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North of the headland the beach is continuous to the small mouth of Flat Rock Creek.It is edged by Marine Parade and there is a narrow foreshore.Step across the border in summertime and you will go back an hour in Queensland where they have never embraced daylight saving.Other than that idiosyncracy, both towns blend together to a point where the traveller will have difficulty telling when they are in one and when they have travelled through to the other. It occupies the entire Tweed River valley which is bounded by the ocean to the east, the Mc Pherson Range to the north, the Tweed Range to the west, the Burringbar Range to the south and the Nightcap Range to the south-east.His exploration party took shelter during a storm in the lee of a small island off Fingal Head which Oxley named Turtle Island and which is now known as Cook Island.He named the river after the Tweed River which separates northern England from Scotland.It is 5 metres above sea-level and is recognised as the southern extremity of the Gold Coast.^ TOP The explorer and surveyor John Oxley reached the estuary in 1823.

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The tip of the pyramid can be removed to expose an oil fuelled lamp which burns on the night of the anniversary of the sinking.

When it was first constructed it experimented with a laser beam but this proved unsatisfactory and by around 1975 it had returned to electric lamps, mirrors and magnifying glass.

There are picnic spots and a walk along the cliff-edge. There are views of the coastline from Surfers Paradise to Byron Bay.

While tourism is the dominant industry the area is also home to a commercial fishing fleet and the hinterland produces bananas, sugar, avocados, tomatoes and fresh vegetables for the Brisbane market.

Tweed Heads is located 822 km north of Sydney via the Pacific Highway and 104 km south of Brisbane via the Pacific Motorway.

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