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The performance should last the entire duration of "Kabataang Pinoy." The House should call Big Brother to check on their performance.The first House to flawlessly finish their performance wins.As these auditions were held a year in advance, the age limit was lowered to 14-17.A second set of auditions was held in March 2010, this time with an advanced registration through SMS, the age limit for auditioning was 15-18.Interpreteens The housemates would try to interpret songs that would be assigned to them.The Philippine housemates were assigned the song "Magic" by One Way while the foreigners were given "Butse Kik" by Yoyoy Villame.

On Day 39, the Teenternationals, albeit rival teams, merged with the Pinoy Housemates under the Villa roof.

The one striking difference of the two houses is that, the Apartment don't have any beds.

The two supposed bedrooms were empty with traditional woven sleeping mats called "Banig".

Wushu Perform a wushu exhibition using fans to the satisfaction of a panel of experts.

The number of times a gong is struck determines the success or failure of the task: two times for failure and three times for success.

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