Blake mycoskie dating anyone

De Chambeau is ranked #148 in the world in golf (not bad out of 7 billion people).

Most of you should know this considering there’s a statue of him outside Dedman. Yet another of many politicians to come out of SMU.

Mycoskie, now 32, said he realized he could make money and do good at the same time with TOMS.

The company's mission is uncomplicated: It gives a free pair of shoes to a child in need every time it sells a pair.

That's when Mycoskie realized he was born to be an entrepreneur and dropped out of school. I realized I loved the idea of creating something out of scratch and seeing it work and seeing the benefits of that," he said.

Mycoskie eventually sold the company and began other ventures, including an outdoor advertising company and a 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week reality TV channel, which he launched after appearing on the second season of "The Amazing Race" with his sister.

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He’s done it all and combined it in a powerful way and if you don’t know who Blake Mycoskie is if you never heard of Toms shoes he is the founder and chief shoe giver of Toms and the person behind the idea of 1 for 1, which is a business model which helps a person in need of every product purchased.

That visit to a village in Argentina inspired the creation of a socially responsible footwear company that blends philanthropy and business.

Mycoskie called the company TOMS: Shoes For Tomorrow -- a name that reflects his desire to provide shoes for disadvantaged children in a sustainable way.

She’s been serving as a Congresswoman in Dallas since 1993!

She got her masters at SMU in Public Administration.

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