Black athletes dating white woman dating california

But it doesn’t matter, because, men weren’t taught to value an equal partner by society.They weren’t taught to value someone who’s going to offer constructive criticism, and be the partner that’s going to take them to the next level.However, they do have the money and status, so now they are looking for a lady to match.Ideally, they want the secretary to their boss; they want the greet at the door with their slippers, alcohol, and dinner on the table chick; they do not want a black chick. Cinderella is supposed to be the princess to end all princesses.

So let’s combine these three societal conditions to come to a conclusion.The first reason successful black men may be inclined to date white women is because America is a patriarchy, essentially meaning that men are in charge.Black men have been taught that they are supposed to be leaders and providers in their households and in their communities, but their blackness, historically speaking, overrides their maleness in many ways.Hegemonic masculinity is designed to craft a particular kind of man, and after all, a black man is just a boy under the patriarchy. So the Patriarchy Hegemonic masculinity = Black men trying to be a particular kind of man, aspiring to very specific goals that are all covered in hegemonic masculinity.Many do not ever make it to those goals, but some actually do.

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