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In fact, Rancic has kept himself extremely busy lately, just not in front of network TV cameras. And so, until he has a say, we want to just protect him." Giuliana did leave the door open for a potential return to the genre, teasing that they were "playing around with some ideas," but as of this writing, nothing has materialized. The surprising exit was accompanied by a whiff of scandal.

Here's what the entrepreneur, author, and real estate developer has been up to and the real reason you don't hear from him anymore. It was reported that Giuliana was leaving the show in a huff, having supposedly feuded with Maria Menounos, who eventually succeeded her in the role.

When some media person saw her without the wedding ring, the next day, there would be a news about their divorce. There were a lot of rumors about their separation and also a video where she hands over the divorce papers to him.

According to the couple, none of those ever happened.

Bill Rancic is an American entrepreneur, author, talk show host and a professional speaker. He got engaged to Giuliana De Pandi in 2006 and got married in 2007. In 2014, they announced their fertility problems and they hired a surrogate. Guiliana announced that she had breast cancer and underwent mastectomy.

There are no details about her previous boyfriends."RPM Italian is a culmination of 'firsts' for Bill and me," Giuliana told ."From the concept to the design elements, working on the menu with our team, understanding the ins and outs of good service, you name it. During a September 2017 speaking engagement, Bill revealed that his entrepreneurial spirit began as a child, when he turned his grandmother's kitchen into "a makeshift restaurant," earning him per plate from his "customers," who were basically just his grandmother's friends.We constantly strive to make the guest experience better, and I'm always thinking that way about the restaurant, even when I'm not there." They must have gotten the hang of it quickly, because they opened RPM Steak in Chicago two years later, then another RPM Italian in Washington, D. He's since come full circle, and though he has many other business ventures, he expressed that he is "particularly focused on expansion of the RPM Restaurants chain." , the Rancics' restaurant expansion hasn't gone smoothly.In August 2016, they initially failed to obtain a license to operate from the Washington D. Health Regulation and Licensing Administration after an inspector found multiple violations, including inadequate faucets required for employee hand washing, an out of order garbage disposal, and some code-related plumbing issues.

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