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Charlie began to recall his life as the high school nerd; Theo was almost a mirror image. "Squeeze my butt; that always turns you on." Charlie laid his palms on Miley and gripped her ass with kneading fingers.

Charlie almost chuckled when he looked at what Theo was wearing: a pair of ratty khaki pants and a wrinkled Batman tee shirt. All we can do is be there for them, I guess." "It's pretty scary." Miley said, nibbling on a French fry. Reaching back, she gripped him in her damp hand and began playing with his shaft.

Whenever you're around he's been with you, and I didn't want Charlie to tell Brian before I was sure." Miley frowned, "Oh god, I'm so sorry Stace. You two just got engaged after all." Stacy reached to the coffee table for a tissue. " Miley nodded, "Yeah, right after you called and dropped the pregnancy bomb. Luckily, his parents were out of town for the weekend and were missing all the drama of the evening. And you both have parents, I'm sure they'd be willing to help out so you wouldn't need to drop out of school." Brian let out a heavy breath. Reaching around her hips, Charlie slipped his hands beneath the hem of Miley's shirt and splayed his hands across her tight stomach. "You make me feel so sexy when you touch me like this." "You're the sexiest girl in the world." Charlie declared his voice filled with arousal. " and pulled his chest tightly against Miley's back.

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Charlie could only stand, weak-kneed and marvel at Miley's sexual skill.

Glancing back to the mirror, she tucked the pillow under her loose tee, stood back up, and turned to profile. "I want to apologize for freaking out on you last night." Stacy lifted an expectant brow but didn't say anything, or invite him in.

She tried to imagine how she would look in seven months. Brian tried to smile when the door opened, but his expression still came off as nervous and scared. "I'm sorry." Brian said, "You were clearly upset and I just made matters worse.

My life is over." Charlie sighed and sat down next to Brian on the couch. Her whole body shook with the power of his thrusts.

If I have this baby, I'll be doing it all alone." "You won't be alone, hon." Miley promised. I wanted to be married, with a house and a career, before I started having children." "Do you want to look into an abortion? Letting go, Miley placed her palms down on the long table, bending over slightly to do so. I'll be back on the pill by next week so you can cum inside me again, but until then you'll have to cum on my ass." That didn't sound so bad to Charlie, who positioned himself behind Miley and began feeding his length between her slick lips.

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