Are kritika and karan dating muscle pics dating

While Anusha and Karan have been giving us major couple goals by doing everything under the sun together; fan have constantly been prodding the duo about their marriage plans. the end.."" There is no definite reason for my split with Karan. Both of us got very busy with our new shows and this took a toll on our relationship.

Kritika also wished the actor on his birthday last year in October.

So, there are definitely no hard feelings between the two.

On Karan’s birthday last year, Kritika had posted a message saying, “Happy happy birthday @kkundra !

Manav and Archana had a cute, innocent love story that started after their marriage.

It not only won over viewers, but also touched a chord in the society where arranged marriages are as popular as love marriages. Ishita's strong connection with Raman's daughter Ruhi led to Raman and Ishita's marriage.

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