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The appeal of live video streaming is clear -- some people get famous, and others thrive on the immediate connection and feedback, however shallow -- but is it appropriate for tweens and teens?

Parents will want to arm kids with solid digital literacy before letting them broadcast or view (if they allow it at all).

Viewers comment and send gifts to broadcasters, while broadcasters respond to comments and interact with viewers.

Immediately upon logging in to a broadcast, viewers see a reminder that violent or sexual content is prohibited, along with an email address to report issues.

Be patient and remember to refresh the page a few times to see who is newly arrived.

The terms of service state that the app is meant for users 18 and older, though much younger teens are frequently broadcasting.Viewers can subscribe to broadcasters or report them through their profiles, and broadcasters can block other users' comments.Broadcasters can share through myriad social media that they are live streaming, and users can purchase coins to give as gifts.Depending on the time of day there can be more or less Afro-Americans online, but just come back end press refresh to see who is here.Our cams has all the African models from many different sites, so you will not have to go any other place.

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