Anthropomorphic dating behavior advice for dating parents

Yes, I know you were dying to major in arts, but your family would rather see you engineer the shit out of things. I am pretty much an expert at finding excuses, just like Kanye West, and that’s what I’m good at.Yes, yes you really wanted to go live in an exotic land but your friends or your beau tied you down emotionally. Well, I don’t know how you’ll take the news, but sorry there is NO ONE to blame other than you. Yes, he has been shitty, but it’s your duty to pull yourself together.You plan all your life, every single detail up to your career plan, your future children’s names, or your future everything.Well, should I remind you that it may not be even slightly close to what you will be doing?For a few years now, I have been dealing with a mild case of depression. To a degree that I have forgotten about living at some point and became a walking internet quiz: “Are you depressed?” (Let’s try to find out with irrelevant questions), “Are you an introvert or extrovert?Jesuuus, Katy Perry came from a deeply conservative family and now she goes around all sexy, kissing girls, and liking it. Also, we forget how much our and others’ perceptions shape the things we go through.(Turns out the girl I have been carrying guilt over for breaking her heart did not care much for the incident, while I kept finding worse traits of myself every single day, for months) We should let all our burdens go.

This point is personal to me because it is one of the things I deeply struggle with. We should have plans or career paths, BUT not freak out or give up altogether when one thing is amiss.I am sometimes a control freak and may even cry in shame and secretly if I miss a bus I have decided to take going to Taksim or whatever. *** I am well aware that all these look pretty easy written down, but they are pretty hard to apply.Don’t assume I do, I constantly forget these and end up staring out of the window, shooting a music video, playing Anathema’s “Lost Control” through my speakers.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies.

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