Answers to your questions about dating marriage and family

Activities that bring the greatest happiness can change depending on your stage in life, so don't be surprised when something new moves to the top of the list.

Get involved in the things that bring happiness to each of you. “Earlier, you mentioned 18 red flags; my friend only has two of them, so most don’t apply to us.” That may be true, but even one red flag could make the difference between a wise choice and a disaster when it comes to marriage.With no disrespect to premarital surveys (I believe in their value), it would be nice if you could simply take a test, identify red flags and green lights, give them a number value, and calculate if you should move forward or not. Many people get married because of a fear of loneliness, of not having anymore chances in life to find love.This not a question that you often think to ask, but it's important to know their answer.Know what concerns are nagging at your partner and be open to having a conversation about those worries (even if you don't feel concerned about the same things).

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