Age restrictions on dating

The vast majority never provide a source for their information on South Korea specifically (see here, here, here and here for some examples), and following the trail of those of that do almost invariably leads to a chart of the age of consent in various countries on Wikipedia, itself unsourced (but which has recently been edited as I’ll explain).Indeed, highlighting how problematic that makes them was my original intention in writing this post.Turning to an online dictionary next then, I found 성관계 승낙 연령 (sexual relationship consent age) instead, with the explanation 합법적으로 성관계를 승낙할 수 있는 연령 (legally sexual relationship can consent to age).Paste it into Korean search engines, and you do get instead, who has written a great deal about teenage prostitution.Keep in mind that in the 1990s I think Canada’s age of consent went from 16 to 14 (or 12, if the other person was 14) which I also thought was quite low.

There, commenters discussed singer G-Dragon’s (지드래곤) concert performance below that featured simulated sex scenes, and which he is now being investigated for (but not yet prosecuted) because it had been rated suitable only for ages twelve and above (see here, here, here, here and here for the latest developments).However, having sex with minors aged 13 or older, which does not involve financial deals, is not punishable if the minor consents.In Korea, a person is not guilty of any crime for having sex with a minor aged 13 and over unless it is paid for or forced.During a routine office visit, I was discussing activities and extracurriculars with a bright 10-year old girl. Sometimes she shares ideas with me.” Her mother’s reply concerned me because I think it reflects a common internet misconception.She loved talking about her dance team, gymnastics, and her new hobby of horseback riding. Many parents believe social media sites are suggested for children over 13 years based on the network’s content, like a PG-13 movie. Users of social media sites must be 13-years old by Federal law.

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