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Check out this tip to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of virtualizing SQL Server.Some of these advantages and disadvantages are systemic to a specific vendor and others are systemic to virtualization.For either one of these paths you'll most likely need to argue against virtualization as opposed to arguing for virtualization.This is a general observation, but I've found that virtualization provides so many benefits outside the SQL Server environment that your company has already decided to implement the technology.In our shop the SQL DBAs have full access to all the SQL Servers and read access to v Sphere and we still do not have insight into the full details of our SAN environments or what is shared on our hosts.Backup and recovery are constant struggles because many backup errors are due to problems with v Motion or our Net App infrastructure.I cannot overstate the beauty of being able to add 100GB to a dying LUN without downtime and without the user even knowing its happened. This is what virtualization was created to do and there are advantages. I guess that's why I gain weight because I always have to finish what's on my plate. On the flip-side a physical server showing 95% CPU utilization drives me crazy when I don't have another slot available.Virtualization frees me by allowing me to think about this less often (notice I didn't say ever).

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You will need to interface with all of them at a more intense level than in the past.The business has little incentive to consolidate SQL Server because virtualization has already consolidated most of the environment.Virtualization consolidates all the physical server resources and drastically shrinks the footprint in the datacenter.I have witnessed one large company refusing to virtualize but, since their competitors are virtualizing, it won't be long before they begin implementation.I'm going to purposely ignore the advantages of virtualization as they pertain to the datacenter and instead focus on the advantages for the SQL Server DBA.

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