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The role of doctors became more authoritative and pronounced with further advancements in science and the growth of cities, which presented health hazards due to overcrowding, poor sanitation and attendant disease.

In 1846 a group of physicians formed the American Medical Association (AMA) with the early mission of (and achievement of) state regulation of pharmaceuticals.

Healthcare regulation and policy is complex, with nearly "every aspect of the field ...

overseen by one regulatory body or another, and sometimes by several." Such regulations are enforced by federal, state and local governments, and even private organizations.

The tables below compare demographic and economic statistics for Mississippi and surrounding states, since both factors significantly impact healthcare and healthcare policy.

Also provided is general information on the insurance coverage of individuals in each state.

This model grew more popular after the war when payments by employers toward employee health insurance were made tax-exempt.

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The model of payment known as "fee-for-service," in which doctors are paid for each treatment, test and office visit, emerged.

Healthcare policy affects not only the cost citizens must pay for care, but also their access to care and the quality of care received, which can influence their overall health.

A top concern for policymakers is the rising cost of healthcare, which has placed an increasing strain on the disposable income of consumers as well as on state budgets.

The premium compensates an insurer for its assumption of risk for the cost of potential illness or injury of the insured.

Scheduled or controlled substances and drugs are regulated under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 in five categories.

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