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Literary scholars and magazine writers don’t notice it, and in fiction circles, Chat RP is still practically unheard of.Perhaps this is because chat room roleplay produces no library books or consumer products, and is too transient to promote.If you're looking for the OOC chat for a particular roleplay, try browsing My Universes and navigating to the Chat tab in your destination roleplay.Five seconds into a chat room called “Slave Adoption Center,” I receive three invites to private sex plays. From the small purview beneath a sunhat, finds a table and, kicking legs up, sifts through a newspaper kept rolled up in a left sleeve, letting the sweat-mixed print rub off on fingers.first time in two years entering a roleplay chat room, and though the medium has transformed time and again since I began, the writerly high I get from spinning the perfect post, and partnering up with an anonymous writer to clash literary talents, still remains palpable. I dig deeper into my trench, and prepare the next round. It was early in 1997 when I first entered a chat room and pretended to be an invented character with an anime face and a pansexual appetite.My own characters have profile images of “anime traps,” men who are either gay or so feminine that cisgendered males find them attractive.In my roleplays, I transform these “traps” into androgynous beings whose biology I never feel necessary to reveal as male, female or queer, since RPers need not use pronouns (him, her, they).Guilds emerged in the hundreds, some favoring the game dynamics of dice-rolls and experience points, while others, the “literates,” promoted experimentation, creativity, and the sacred bond between character and writer.

Chat RP slides between definitions of interactive fiction and collaborative writing.Nearly every character you meet in the RP realm is pansexual.Neko-cats, the old and the “enhanced,” the elf and the tentacle alien, all mix in orgiastic pleasure, for it’s not merely the imagined body that titillates the mun, but the writing, the opportunity to extend your literary imagination.button in the top right-hand corner for a larger view.Some prefer the direct link, which can be useful for bookmarking.

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