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The island of Hawai'i comprises over half of the area of the state of Hawaii in the United States of America.

To avoid confusion with the state, it is almost universally called the Big Island.

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Cook would be killed the following year in a Big Island harbor following a fracas involving the theft of a ship.

It wouldn’t be until the following century that missionaries would make their way to the islands and soon after followed cattle and the sugarcane industry.

It wasn’t until the arrival of Westerners in 1778 that the islands fractured and the divided chiefdoms began warring with each other.

Captain Cook was the first Westerner to discover the islands, landing on Kauai and forging the path for a flood of Westerners arriving on the islands.

In the second half of the 19th century the Hawaiian population was decimated by Western diseases.During his life, Kamehameha moved the royal court to Oahu, but the Big Island remained in his heart and he eventually returned to live out his life in Kailua-Kona.Following Hawaiian custom, the final resting place of the King is secret, to protect his life force or mana.Many of the historical parks and museums have ruins, petroglyphs, temples, and artifacts from before the appearance of Westerners on the archipelago.Varying accounts describe the origin of the islands' name.

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