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The Salem Public Library is a far more modern structure.You can easily compare the two side by side, since the SPL stands right across Essex Street from the Atheneum.It’s best to start with the Salem Athenaeum and the Salem Public Library, which are situated directly across Essex street from one another.

There are four floors, one of which is restricted to kids and families.

I’m lucky to live in one of the most literary small cities on the East Coast. It also happens to be the witchiest, which means the town is full of Potterheads and fantasy nerds. While the October month-long Halloween bash, Haunted Happenings, is definitely the town’s modern claim to fame, Salem is a literary and cultural destination all year long.

In fact, the other eleven months of the year are increasing in popularity as people realize how cool this place is. I’d be a fool to try and list all of Salem’s booksellers.

Wicked Good Books is definitely the town’s flagship bookstore.

Originally the site of Derby Books, this shop has a long and storied history in the printed word.

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