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A person with disability who requires the use of a service animal should be aware of their legal rights as well as responsibilities under specific Ohio laws and federal laws.

Based on the situation, the rights and responsibilities of a person with disability with regard to the use of service animals could be covered under the ADA (American with Disabilities Act), the Ohio Revised Code, and the Ohio Administrative Code.

Under Ohio law, an individual with a disability can rightfully use a service animal in their home or apartment, even when pets are forbidden by the landlord or another housing provider.

Specifically, the law in Ohio provides than an individual with a disability who has an animal assistant is entitled to keep it on the premises rented, leased, subleased, purchased, or assigned by such individual.

Ohio law, on the other hand, offers a broader definition, that arguably includes any animal.

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Any requirement within the Administrative Code or the Ohio Revised Code that is in conflict with the ADA in all likelihood gets pre-empted by the ADA.Therefore, if a person with a disability requires a service animal, which is not a dog, to accompany them to a public accommodation place, they are protected under this provision of the law in Ohio.Another Ohio law provision creates slight confusion as it relates only to the service dog.An individual with a disability may need support from a service animal throughout their entire life.Both federal laws and the laws in Ohio offer various types of protection for the use of a service animal in different situations, such as public areas, employment premises, housing, educational institutions, and public transportation.

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