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It’s best to get one called a pure/true sine wave inverter as these put out a little cleaner type of power ideal for modern electronics.

When you’re deciding on the maximum wattage of inverter to choose a good rule of thumb is you’ll need roughly two batteries for every 1000 watts of inverter power.

One of the best upgrades we have done is to invest in a foam mattress topper.

Your RV has a max weight capacity and only so much precious cargo space.

A new high quality RV mattress was a little pricey for us having just bought the new RV so a good solution was a couple inch memory foam topper. RV plumbing is a little different than that found in typical sticks and bricks homes and one drawback is reduced water pressure.

This can lead to a less than adequate shower experience, especially with the cheap run of the mill RV stock shower heads.

I run my 1000w inverter using two Trojan six volt golf cart batteries.

If I went up to a 2000 watt inverter I would want to add two more of these batteries to supply enough juice to adequately power it. In general the light is produced by multiple 12 volt fixtures using small incandescent light bulbs.

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