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After reading through the user guidelines of each app, we determined that each one on our list does in fact offer both reporting and blocking features, though the terminology may differ.

For example, Hinge allows you to “remove” someone, and on Tinder you can “unmatch”—but both are synonymous with blocking.

To keep things simple, we reviewed eight of the most popular apps and developed a basic checklist of features that can affect users’ safety, security, and privacy.

See our metric definitions below the chart to learn more.

Does the app offer its own set of safety guidelines or tips, and are they easily accessible?

Many of the apps above will actually promote these guidelines on the sign-up page, while others require a little more digging.

Are users able to control the visibility of their profile?

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Let’s face it, someone has to break the ice, and all…Men and women flirt differently, for both different reasons and expected outcomes.Flirting is an art that requires confidence without being over the top.Everyone gets triggered by different behaviors, and it can take a while to figure out which ones irk that new…Somewhere between deciding that I want to go out with someone and our first date, there is a question that I dread. ” Occasionally, I’ve gone out with guys who had it all planned, who invited me into a narrative they’d already created, but…

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