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Her face had a porcupine swirl, two scrunched up eyes linked by a knotted brow line framed her face and a lollipop jutted from her gaping maw.“The ad is the woman I thought I was meeting and this one here with the roundish head is the one that showed up.”“What did you do? What Larry has lacked in luck he has made up for in perseverance.

He tells me he’s been on all the major dating sites and met tons of women.

The love broker offers special translation services and cultural awareness tips.

He assures the foreigner that the Chinese culture is different and the slightest mistake could spell disaster.

He’s been in China for nearly eight years and was enticed into making the trip by a matchmaking site. I am still looking, dude.”Jack explained that the family of his bride-to-be said he was obstinate.They said if I wanted to marry their daughter I had to buy a house.”“Why didn’t you? ”“I don’t remember, one or two million RMB.”“In 2005? Post-Olympic China was filled with cash, most of that happened after 2007, however. His bride could not find the husband and yanked Larry along instead. “Score,” I say.“Not really.” He slides his cell my way.Even one million RMB or about 0,000-300,000 would have purchased a mansion back then.“So what did you do? To this day Larry attends all family functions as the doting husband. I shrug.“That is what turned up.”I yanked up the phone, turned it a complete 180, and was a little stunned. “I thought it was her mother.”“If even.”“Yeah, well looks can skip a generation.”“This is the kitten? Based on her pic she had more in common with James Harden than any Chinese Princess or kitten for that matter.Interestingly enough some of the women are not lying and do end up with a foreign guy – I’ve seen the stunned look in their eyes as they fork over cash for a brand new Beijing apartment.But the truth is that love should not be purchased, unless you are truly desperate.

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