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I learnt that I am an asset and that my contribution to a firm will be valued.I was lucky enough to receive employment offers after the announcement of being selected as Top 10 but I knew where I wanted to be.Role players originate from every inch of this country no matter how big or small their contribution.This exposure allows students to harness their networking skills, not only for potential employment but also for invaluable career advice.I did not expect it at all but I was extremely proud of myself for achieving that.I believe one of the reasons for my victory was portraying an accurate, unfiltered resemblance of who I am as a person.Grad Star is a growing phenomenon that anyone would want to be part of.

This, I believe, is imperative for students to understand.The moment my name was called out I tried to remember what I had done to be so fortunate to have been selected.Someone saw the potential in me and that’s all I needed.To be recognised by industry leaders as a student with the potential to influence and similarly to become a leader in my own industry. Firstly, I believe Grad Star creates a positive platform that motivates hard work, and in turn, recognises these efforts.There are so many students who are just hoping for a degree, but Grad Star recognises those who push themselves beyond their degree.

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